Team of architects, interior designers, engineers and landscape where all projects are carried out, so the projects presented are global proposals without cracks or gaps and with maximum detail.

In terms of architecture, interior design, landscaping and engineering we make any design space, as residential, professional, commercial, and leisure, catering, health and sanitation.

A personalized project for each client from the most innovative to the more traditional, always thinking about the best distribution, functionality, aesthetics and comfort and having a professional for the study of home automation and renewable energy, Arqint not currently conceived a project without these two points.

We realize management and execution of work with its own team, improving timings of work, as well as obtaining building permits, business license, electrical projects, climate and gas.

Our 18 years in the sector has generated a way of acting, a style that is based on maximum efficiency and professionalism in the planning and execution of the project, together with a personal service the client according to their lifestyle or business . All this translates into projects.


Our philosophy is to develop a customer-oriented architecture to the client and his needs, through continuous advice in all phases of the project and work to achieve a successful outcome in terms of design, quality, costs and deadlines architecture.

In Arqint we combine the capacities and different views of different technical specializations, in regard to project development and construction process in general.

We understand that the contemporary architecture must aspire to achieve the aims in terms of sustainability and energy savings through the use of techniques and constructive, active and passive, that could encourage bioclimatic architecture and sustainable construction solutions.

The starting point of a project is information; to know in detail the client and uses and behaviors. Thus Arqint can perform more possible “personalized”, adapting the project to the lifestyle of the customer, from phase interior-architecture-design through the section of team work and project management, to delivery end of the project. A key process in hand, always depending on the lifestyle of our customer.

We like to attend to our clients in their dual professional and personal side. Arqint has accumulated significant experience in the work, habilitation, rehabilitation, renovation and decoration of any intervention. Work with maximum efficiency and competitiveness in professional and business environment means understanding the two sides of industry, rendibilidad and effectiveness. Effectiveness in the project approach, the design team and construction management and rendibilidad at the time of execution and delivery.


To Arqint can never be two equal projects, as no two clients are alike. Ask adequately the project, part of the above premise.